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"The energy of imagination, deliberation, and invention, which fall into a natural rhythm totally one’s own, maintained by innate discipline and a keen sense of pleasure – these are the ingredients of style. And all who have it share one thing: originality."
Diana Vreeland

Listed here are some of the most common 'Questions and Answers' that should assist you in becoming more familiar with my services. If you have further inquiries, please feel free to visit my contact page and use the simple and easy contact form.

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Are you able to replicate a wedding dress design for me?2020-06-14T18:08:12-07:00

Yes, in fact 90% of my clients ask me to replicate wedding dress designs they find on websites or in magazines. But consider this; replication is not duplication. For instance, acquiring the exact same fabric is near impossible and usually the client's own body type and personality will nudge or steer a design into it's own variation. Ironically, this typically results in design improvements. Ultimately, my clients walk away with more of a personalized take on a dress that was intended to be a mere replication.

How much will my handmade wedding dress cost?2020-06-14T18:09:04-07:00

Like anything custom made, costs can vary depending on the gown’s fabric, detailing and trimmings. Estimated labor includes conceptualization of your dress design, material sourcing, pattern drafting, construction as well as exceptional finishing/fit detailing.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay a minimum of $1700 for a “simple” well fitted high quality crepe dress that is fully lined.

Introducing any type of lace generally moves your total cost up to $3000. From here a full lace dress and/or adding beaded lace embroidery $3500 - $6000. These prices reflect labour/material costs all in.

When and how is payment required?2020-06-14T17:08:03-07:00

Once you have decided and committed to a complete wedding dress design, you will receive an email with the full breakdown and cost of your custom wedding dress including labor, materials and taxes.

At this point, 50 percent of the total cost will be due before the dress making begins. The remaining 50 percent will be due at your first dress fitting. This is where the mock-up goes into full construction with our sourced textiles, the dress is together but unfinished & likely needs much more detailed finishing work.

Payments are non-refundable. At each of these dress fitting stages, your invoice will be credited and re-emailed for your records.

Payment by email transfer is preferred. I can also except PayPal with the understanding that their fees will be added to the invoice.

Is there a fee for my initial consultation?2020-06-14T18:10:58-07:00

Our initial consultation is always free without any obligation. I will invite you to my home studio where we will have a chance to get to know each other and discuss possible ideas or wishes. You will get to see where your dress will be created and take a closer look at dresses that I am currently working on or have finished. We’ll ask and answer all of each other’s questions and will hopefully make a perfect bride/dressmaker match.

Is there value and savings in a custom handmade wedding dress?2020-06-14T18:14:03-07:00

Yes! There is much value when you consider that the fit, the construction and even the fabric of my handmade wedding dresses, are superior to that of a store bought wedding gown.

You can also save money investing in a handmade wedding dress if you factor in that retail purchases have shipping fees and even more importantly, hidden alteration costs attached which often amount to hundreds of dollars over and above the initial retail investment.

Can you re-work a vintage dress?2018-06-04T17:47:28-07:00

Yes, most definitely! In fact not only do I adore everything old, but “reclaimed vintage” is one of my specialties.

I have an affinity for designer vintage; whether this is your mother’s wedding dress or just the result of your latest treasure hunt at Value Village. Often a vintage dress, if the fabric is in excellent condition, is worth putting some money into. Having it altered to fit, re-lined, replacing zippers or buttons and such, brings a beautiful piece back to life for years to come. The combination of vintage fabric and design, combined with modern reworking will have you boasting about the uniqueness of your one of a kind dress.

This service starts with a no charge analysis of the dress here in my studio. Together with ideas you have no doubt gathered in your search, along with my experience and favorite vintage/modern design elements we will work through the re-design with you in the dress. This service has a wide price range which is determined by the scope of the project. A simple fitting with minor alterations & cleaning can be as little as $200. A complete remake with added materials could reach up to $2400.

How long does the dressmaking process take and how far in advance must I book?2020-06-14T17:55:52-07:00

It takes 4 to 5 fittings spaced no longer than 1 month apart. I encourage you to contact me 1 year in advance of your wedding. If you don’t have the luxury of advanced notice, you can still contact me anyway as occasionally there are cancellations that permit last minute accommodation.

What is the process for having a custom wedding dress made?2020-06-14T17:45:58-07:00

1. Consultation - Together, we will customize your ideas to suit your body type and personality. Typically, this is done in person at my studio. However, remote consultation via the internet is possible. We will also choose textiles and book your dress fitting schedule.

2. The Muslin Stage - This is where you try on the simplified version of your dress in muslin form. All of the adjustments to fit and any changes to the pattern are made in this stage.

3. Dressmaking - This will be your 2nd dress fitting; the dress is together in the sourced agreed upon textiles but unfinished. This is where we fine tune the fit and decide on any further embellishments. Also hem lengths are finalized.

4. Final Dress Fitting - This is generally a labor-intensive stage of detailing & alterations. If all has gone as planned, the dress will go home with you. If adjustments are needed, the dress will remain with me for one last stage of tweaking.

When can I see you for a fitting?2020-06-14T18:00:28-07:00

Fittings are available throughout the week from 9am to 5pm. With advance notice, I am also able to accommodate weekends.

Can you design and create my wedding veil?2016-01-06T22:58:47-08:00

Absolutely. But keep in mind, that there is an additional cost for materials and labour based on the choice of tulle and lace trim.

Can you bead my wedding dress?2016-01-06T22:59:23-08:00

Yes. I often get requests for beading. However, it is a very time consuming process that adds a considerable cost to the estimated labour of your dress.

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