How much will the bridesmaid dresses cost?

>>How much will the bridesmaid dresses cost?

How much will the bridesmaid dresses cost?

The answer to this question is twofold.

1.   Typically, material costs per bridesmaid can range from $175 - $400 depending on the choice of fabric, detailing and accouterments. Labour generally starts at $500 depending on design and materials however, sometimes exceptions can be made for simple items. (ie. having a floor length skirt made for each of your lovely ladies and pairing it with a ready to wear top purchased from a store) Keep in mind that there are some stunning silks and laces out there which come at a higher premium and most often are more labour intensive = time = money. (ie. this service includes me checking all of our lower mainland suppliers in person.)

2.   If you’re keen on coordinating your maids and would like my stylistic experience and professional guidance in determining cut, design and theme, then there will be a separate charge for this specialized service. I will work directly from the color palette you have chosen for your wedding.

The fee for this service can range from $160 – $600 and of course, is based on the number of bridesmaids in your bridal party as well as the degree to which it is customized. (ie. this service can also involve tea staining fabrics to improve color matching)

I will….

- Meet personally with each of your maids either via internet or in person.

- After determining individual personality and style preferences, each of your maids will make a final choice on dress design and fabric under my guidance.

- Armed with this information, I will do the leg work in scouting out the most beautiful quality fabric that Vancouver has to offer. The goal is, to suit each individual and yet complement one another as a whole while incorporating a fine balance of texture & print.

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