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About Liza Diaz...My mother tells a story, of how I used to make little funky dresses for my Barbie dolls when I was just a child...a seamstress in the making I suppose.

I don’t remember that, but I do remember sitting on the floor of her sewing room watching her work… fascinated with the fabric pieces and how they all magically fit together.

I reflect back and realize that she was my earliest inspiration in the world of sewing. She spent countless hours making clothes for my sister and I.

Before long, we were fighting for who got to use the sewing machine. From my very first lesson, she instilled a perfectionist mentality in me,

“Rip it out Liza, and do it again, the inside needs to looks as good as the outside!”

Fine design, sourcing fabric and figuring out the details of a professional finish, eventually became my creative obsession.

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Diaz Fine Design

So here I was at the age of 22…… a young seamstress with a budding passion for creative design, a modest skill set and a desire to pursue a career in fashion design.

But alas, I had two very young girls to raise as well. (yes! Married early) I decided to be a work at home mom, so that I would not miss out on those formidable years of my children’s lives.

This family based decision naturally led me to the idea of creating custom dresses right out of my basement studio. I named it 'Diaz Fine Design' and I was on my way.

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By word of mouth I gradually acquired enough clients to contribute a sizable amount to our small family’s cost of living. With each commission & challenge, my confidence, skills and design sense improved, as did my desire for custom handmade clothing. I naturally gravitated into the beautiful world of handmade wedding dress design and have been crafting them ever since.

Bounce Between Creative Trades

For me, creativity and design didn’t stop with fabric and notions. It’s quite comical actually…my close friends and family never know what I mean, when I say “I am working” since I tend to bounce between creative trades such as vintage clothing restoration, interior designing and hands on carpentry.

Looking back, I realize that becoming a dress designer at such a young age, ultimately inspired me to be creative on several different mediums.

“I am as comfortable with my skill saw as I am with my sewing machine.”

Today I spend most of my time dreaming up & constructing beautiful handmade dresses on an individual bases out of my cozy home based studio here in South Vancouver, BC., and I absolutely love it!

When a woman walks out of my studio with her perfectly fitted dream dress, it is the most satisfying feeling for both of us.

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