Liza Diaz

Handmade Wedding Dress

"The art and practice of dressmaking and design with one specific woman in mind, you!"

Your marriage ceremony will be a very precious occasion documented by family, guests and of course, photographers. But, above all others, the man whom you adore, your betrothed…..The admiration and desire is apparent to all as you stand before him in this most exquisite, handmade wedding dress. A custom wedding dress that has been hand crafted only for you, designed specifically to enhance…..

"This will be one of your most challenging and rewarding goals, to find the most perfect wedding dress, the one that elegantly transports you from being Miss to Mrs".

Hello, my name is Liza Diaz...Handmade Wedding Dress designer, custom dressmaker, couture seamstress, working independently from my home studio in Vancouver BC. I have an absolute passion for designing beautiful handmade wedding dresses, really... any custom pretty dress for that matter.

Being an independent, freelance designer, I am able to meet and most often surpass the quality of high end designer dress