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    review rating 5  When my partner, James, and I decided to elope on our upcoming vacation in Costa Rica, I hadn’t intended to go “full gown” for the occasion. But shopping for a special beach dress in October proved difficult, and I eventually went online for options - and found the fabulous Ms. Diaz.Liza did such a beautiful job on the design we arrived at. I brought her a folder of styles I liked and we talked through what would work best for my shape, fabric possibilities, and adjustments that could improve the design along the way.It was so much more fun to create something uniquely my own than to try on (and be disappointed by or have to settle for) an off the rack option. The dresses I liked were either outrageously expensive or made of fabrics that looked like they might burst into flames if exposed to bright sunlight for too long. 😁☀️ Liza’s handmade dress was “just right”. We were able to find a luxurious fabric (without breaking the bank) and I got every design detail I wanted. My favourite was the silk chiffon, bloused train we added mid-way in our design process.I so appreciated Liza’s amazing sense of style, craftswomanship, and honesty in helping me find the design that would best fit and flatter. She really knows her fabrics, how to cut them, and how things drape. And she would also raise a (gentle) eyebrow at my “less-good” ideas. Liza made this a really fun process and it was an absolute treat to have something made to measure. Thank you Liza! You are one-of-a-kind.

    thumb Melanie Cassidy

    review rating 5  I was looking for a special dress for a special occasion, my son’s wedding. Liza helped me find an amazing fabric, designed and made a fabulous dress. Her design totally took into account my personal style and her attention to detail in making the dress was unparalleled. This was an amazing experience and I am beyond pleased with the result. Thank you, thank you, thank you Liza!

    thumb Vasso Arkouli

    review rating 5  Look no further, Liza is your woman. I had the most stressful situation last July when I contacted her and she literllay saved my life and of course my dress, making it the most stunning thing I've ever worn. Here is the long story in short version: I wanted to incorporate my mum's 40 years old dress into my 2 pieces dress but I trusted the wrong person... that person took $1000 of me and did nothing in 8 months but a horrible design with cheap materials and wrong finishes... , and after I called Liza in tears and completely desperate, she magically, from scracth, had my dress ready in under 2 weeks (as I was flying to Spain for my wedding). We went for fabric shopping together, I chose the most expensive silk and it wasn't even that much money at all! (around CAD400 for the whole dress, for the fabric). Then she, very professionally, read me, my style, my way, and created this. (The 3/4 sleeve is hand made from Spain but I'm 100% sure she would have done it if I had more time!) Thanks again Liza, can't stop recommending you. 🙂

    thumb Cristina Altés Virgili

    review rating 5  the clock was ticking and my wedding was fast approaching and i still had not begun to make my wedding dress. i decided to do a search for a dress maker and found two options i thought were best fits for me in terms of the work they do and my personality. i was so glad when Liza answered my call and said, "You had me at vintage table cloth!" Liza was willing to meet with me with what little I had in the sense of an idea and fabric. She was wonderful, warm and welcoming. I loved her enthusiasm for my idea and for working with the gorgeous, vintage linen table cloth I wanted transformed into my wedding dress. I reached out to with very short notice and she still took on the project. It was super easy to work with Liza and I truly appreciated her openness to me and my particular style and quirkiness. The end result is a beautiful dress that fit me like a comfortable glove. I looked stunning and natural and comfortable in it and shone on my special day. I had the dress made in a way that I could wear it again after my wedding and that, I will! I have never had a custom piece of clothing designed and made for me and Liza made the whole experience incredibly effortless and uplifting. The price and time of completion were perfect and I would do it all over again for other pieces of clothing. There is something so special about the intimate process of having clothes made for oneself. I highly recommend Liza as she is a gifted and talented designer and maker of clothes. Thank you Liza for a beautiful experience!

    thumb Sharai Shredder

    review rating 5  This is the new Mrs. Hefkey here, just using my husband's google login! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Liza creating the perfect dress for my perfect day. It looked amazing! I got so many compliments on it and I felt like an absolute queen. I was worried about committing to a dress that had not even been created yet, i wouldn't know what it would look like on me or how close it would turn out to the dress i wanted. Well it turned out better than I could have imagined! If I had purchased the dress I found online for more than double the price of having this one made it would have had to undergo so many alterations to fit my proportions. I certainly don't have the legs of a model! but this dress made me feel even more beautiful than those models in the bridal magazines! Highly recommend Liza Diaz!

    thumb kyle HEFKEY

    review rating 5  After shopping at multiple places and looking online, none of the wedding dresses seemed to match what we were looking for. In addition, because of the very small size of the dress, the tailoring costs for the dress were often double the cost of the dress or more! We contacted Liza and despite the tight schedule she managed to fit us in! We were beyond delighted to work with her and she helped us cheerfully along the way to the perfect dream dress.The biggest challenge we faced was finding a modest wedding dress as the current fashion is, unfortunately, in favor of less material rather than more. Our style was a more traditional 16th century style modernized dress and Liza was more than up for the challenge! She helped us not only make the dress of our dreams, but also went above and beyond in her accentuation, help with material selection, and the overall design process.So, despite the tiny size of the dress, ambitious vision of style, tight schedule, and monetary limitations, Liza managed to not only meet our expectations but far exceed them. She is a wonderfully gifted and passionate seamstress and always goes the extra mile.Thank you Liza!~

    thumb Jared Johannessen
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