When and how is payment required?

>>When and how is payment required?

When and how is payment required?

1.   Once the decision has been made to move forward with commissioning a custom handmade wedding dress an invoice will be written up detailing the dress design, quoted labour cost and estimated material costs. A 15% non-refundable deposit on quoted labour is required to secure a fitting schedule/completion date.

2.   Material costs are in addition to Labour, these will be covered by the client at the time of purchase.

3.   At your first fitting (the muslin or mock-up stage) 25% of the remaining quoted labour cost is due.

4.   The last two fittings see the remaining 60% of labour apportioned out based on construction stage.

Fittings may by scheduled Monday-Friday from 9-5, with advance notice early afternoon appointments are available on both Saturday and Sunday.

At each stage of payment, the invoice will be credited and re-emailed for your records, payment by email transfer is preferred.

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